Window Cleaning

Hello to all our readers!!

Here at Clean My Gutters we are pleased to announce our new bolt on business “Clean My Windows” We are excited to be offering a bespoke window cleaning service to all our new and existing customers across the north west.

What should you expect from Clean My Windows?

At Clean My Windows you will be providing a bespoke window cleaning service. For an agreed monthly price depending on your property size and number of windows you can expect glass, frames, sills and doors all to be cleaned every single month. We believe that this service is above and beyond your average window cleaner.

What equipment do we use?

Here at Clean My Windows we use state of the art water fed poles and brush heads. Our water fed poles allows us to stay on the ground whilst cleaning your windows and eliminates the use of ladders. Are brush heads being state of the art anti scratch brush heads giving us the tools to give the best level of clean possible for our customers.

We have also invested heavily in water purification systems allow us to use zero parts per million pure water on your windows. Using pure water to clean your windows eliminates the need of drying manually as pure water will dry on its own and leave your windows streak free.

For all new customers we offer a “first clean” service where we detail clean your windows and PVC. This helps us get top level cleans each and every month.

We are currently in the process of drumming up our first window cleaning round. For all enquires you can contact us through the contact us form on our website or give us a text or call on 07724343051.