How Often Should My Gutters be Cleaned?

While a gutter is very useful in directing rain water away from the house, it can accumulate dry leaves and other debris causing it to clog. When there is too much debris in the gutter it traps water causing the gutter to rust and break away. Additionally, if the water does not drain from the gutter it can lead to ice damming and damage, forcing you to replace the gutter. Many small animals and insects can also decide to build nests and homes among the debris accumulated in the gutter as well.


Depending on various factors, such as the amount of trees surrounding your home, you may need to clean your gutters once a year, twice a year, quarterly, or yearly.


1.   1.Benefits of Cleaning Your Gutters

A gutter that is full of debris cannot full fill its true purpose. The accumulation of dry leaves and debris will prevent water from flowing down the gutter into the down spout. This means that excess rain water will pour out of the sides of the gutter and on to the siding of the house and into the landscaping. This will necessitate expensive repair and painting to restore the appearance of your home. Additionally, a clogged gutter can lead to a rusted gutter that will require replacement. The water trapped in the gutter can freeze in winter, forming ice dams that weigh down the gutter and cause damage to the gutter and the roof. All of these issues can be avoided by ensuring that the gutters are cleaned regularly.

2.   2.Contributing Factor

Gutters become clogged because of the fallen leaves and other debris that accumulates on the roof of the house. This is washed into the gutter when it rains. Additionally, small animals such as squirrels and birds might decide to nest among the debris and leave their dropping in the gutter. The presence of organic matter and water leads to the formation of mould which contributes to the further clogging of the gutter as well.


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